Husband paid for operations for his wife to look like a Barbie doll

When Charlie Phillips from Cambridgeshire, England was 17 years old, she underwent 14 hours of surgery to correct her scoliosis. After that, the girl lost a lot of weight and was completely unhappy with her appearance. But in spite of everything, she decided to become the most beautiful – with the help of plastic surgeons.

“I was very unhappy with my appearance, it made me very upset. I washed my makeup and cried. I was afraid to buy a bikini and go on vacation.”

Charlie chose a Barbie doll as an ideal and a source of inspiration. And in order to become like her, she enlarged her breasts twice, made her lips bigger and changed the shape of her cheekbones and chin, writes The Sun. The girl also wore braces, dyed her hair, got a tattoo and started going to the gym.

In all endeavors, Charlie was supported by her husband Ross, who is crazy about her new appearance. The guy paid for all her operations – they cost about £ 17 thousand (about 1.7 million rubles). According to the girl, now she feels like a different person, but still not completely satisfied with herself. Soon she will have to undergo several more operations, which will again be sponsored by her husband.

“My husband will pay for it. I am still not 100 percent satisfied with my appearance and I hope that the rhinoplasty that I am planning at the moment will help me finally become happy. And then I will have to redo my chin, cheeks and lips.”

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